Restarting my blog – Feb. 2024

This is the first post in nearly three years on my blog.

Some may be surprised or wondering why written in English 🤔

I, at least now, would like to post every day from today, each post should be not so long so that I can write quickly.

and in todays’ post, I’d like to explain about why I restarted blogging in English and future prospects of this blog.

Why I’m restarting my blog

It was no big deal, just a bit of a whim. That’s about it 😆

Yesterday, I met a Japanese friend who has lived abroad for a long time. She is a very well-educated person whom I respect very much, but when I heard her say that she had read all the Harry Potter books in English, I thought to myself, “I’m not even reading Japanese books all the time. I’m just piling them up.”

Until a few years ago, I had been working with foreign colleagues, so I had some opportunity to use English, but these days I rarely use it.

As this would be a problem when I travel abroad, I thought of some ways to regain my English skills:

  • Join English speaking community
  • Write English articles frequently
  • Watch movies or tv series with English subtitles
  • etc…

Yes, this is why I restarted my blog.

As I have written so far, I think, writing in English is tough. It takes about three times longer than writing in Japanese.

Anyway, I would be glad if you could tell me the way to improve my English skills. Just let me know about your recommended dramas or something.

Lucky if this continues tomorrow

It seems that one topic per day is my limit for writing every day. I really planned to finish writing this article at 8pm, but it’s already 10pm and I’m so sleepy 😪

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Feedback from ChatGPT Sensei

Me: 以下は日本人である私が英語で書いたブログ記事です。筆者の英語スキルを向上させるという観点で簡潔に、日本語でフィードバックをお願いします:



  1. 始めに: 「This is the first post in nearly four years on my blog.」という文は明確で良いですが、「Some may be surprised or wondering why written in English」は文法的に少し不自然です。「Some may be surprised or wondering why it is written in English」とするとより自然です。
  2. 日々の投稿について: 「I, at least now, would like to post every day from today, each post should be not so long so that I can write quickly.」この文は理解できますが、少し不明瞭です。「At least for now, I aim to post daily, keeping each post brief to facilitate quick writing.」のように書くとクリアになります。
  3. 使用時期のapostropheの誤り: 「todays’ post」は「today’s post」とするべきです。
  4. ブログを再開した理由: 軽妙な表現があり、読み手に親しみやすい印象を与えますが、「It was no big deal, just a bit of a whim.」という表現はもう少し具体的な理由を加えると、読者に対して動機がより明確に伝わります。
  5. 英語力向上のための方法: 「Join English speaking community」など具体的な方法を挙げており、良いですが、「Write English articles frequently」を「Frequently write in English,」などのように動詞を先に持ってくると自然です。
  6. 終わりに: 「Lucky if this continues tomorrow」は意図は伝わりますが、「I hope to continue this journey tomorrow」とするとより流暢になります。
  7. 一貫性と流れ: 全体的に、ブログの流れは理解しやすいですが、各セクションをもう少し密接に結びつけることで、読み手の理解を深めることができます。例えば、英語を再学習する動機と具体的な計画をもっと関連付けることができます。
  8. 校正: 英文を書いた後に、文法やスペルの誤りをチェックするために時間を取ることをお勧めします。無料のオンラインツールや友人に校正を依頼することも有効な方法です。


Me: やさしくて涙が出そう